These are the stories I plan to publish next.

A Girl of the War

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Rough draft completed

Her parents are dead, she and her older sister have been sold into slavery, and her sister has gone fully catatonic in the face of it all, but twelve year old Penny Walker hasn't given up. So, when they have the good luck to be rescued by the mountain man and he tries to drop them at an orphanage, Penny has different ideas.

What starts out as a reluctant act of charity turns into a relationship that sets them on a path that they hope will lead to recovery. First they hope it for Penny and her sister, and when they come across other survivors of the war, they begin to hope that the bleak fate of their country itself may not yet be written in stone.

The First $10,000

Genre: Suspense / Thriller
Status: 8,000 words written (of ~100K)

Scott's not angry with the Army for discharging him, and he's not even particularly angry with the kid with the AK-47 that destroyed his shoulder (leading to said discharge). No, he's just generally pissed at the steady stream of bad luck that life seems committed to sending his way.

So, when the man in the shiny Chrysler shows up at the job site where Scott's laying shingles and offers him a job that's "sort of like a private investigator", he can't tell if it's more bad luck in the form of a scam, or a second chance to do something interesting with his life.